Ride to the Land of the Midnight Sun

8 Jun

Once upon a time, if you were gripped by wanderlust, you packed a trunk and a manservant and set off for the Congo to discover gold. Today, within Europe at least, you can simply get on your bike and go for a ride. No paperwork, no hassels just pure and simple, unadulterated fun. But how many of you have wondered about taking your bike to Scandinavia but decided against it because it would be too expensive, cold or awkward to get to?

Well, we propose to organise a tour for you and prove along the way that traveling in Scandinavia can be relatively inexpensive, warm and easy-going. You simply have to put your name down and give us some tentative dates of when you would be able to take 3-6 weeks free from work in summer 2011. The ride will most likely correspond with the main tourist season which runs from mid-June to mid-August (and coincides with Norwegian and other European school holidays). You can bookmark this page to keep up-to-date on the ride program or you can subscribe to receive updates directly to your email.

As for our primary destination, Norway is a country of winding mountain and fjord passes with loads of hairpins to ride! ┬áThe people are very welcoming, especially towards bikers who they seem to regard as having a shared Viking spirit of adventure, are generally happy and easy going and nearly always speak very good English. In order to keep expenses to a minimum, we plan on wild camping or staying at campsites for the majority of the trip and to prepare our own meals on a collective basis. Nothing quite as romantic as cooking your dinner over a bonfire in the evening, hey? By doing so we hope we can squeeze by on around 300Kr per person per day… if this amount doesn’t all disappear upon filling up the tank.

For a feel of what it would be like riding your bike in Norway, have a look at this, albeit shameless promotional video by BMW: